Toddler Classrooms

High Standards of Care

Welcome to our toddler program, where we uphold exceptional standards in providing physical care tailored to each child's evolving schedule. We maintain flexibility for individual needs while fostering a nurturing and educational environment.

Learning and Play Environment

Our classrooms are designed with Discovery Areas to stimulate learning and play. These areas include Home Living, Blocks & Manipulatives, Music, Science, Language, and more, encouraging exploration and development.


Developmental Assessments

Within our engaging classroom setting, we observe and assess a range of developmental skills crucial to your toddler's growth.

Key Skill Areas - Nurturing Growth

Cognitive Skills

Encouraging activities such as sorting objects, searching for hidden items, and following simple directions.

Language Development

Supporting language acquisition through pointing, vocabulary expansion, and understanding action verbs.

Fine Motor Skills

Promoting hand-eye coordination and dexterity through activities like drawing, object manipulation, and fine motor tasks.

Gross Motor Skills

Fostering physical development through walking, stepping over objects, and sideways movement.


Encouraging social interactions, cooperative play, and developing manners like saying "please" and "thank you."

Self-Care Skills

Supporting independence in daily tasks like drinking from a cup, washing hands, and expressing emotions appropriately.

Communication & Parent Involvement

We maintain regular communication with parents through daily updates and utilize anecdotal journaling to inform biannual parent-teacher conferences. Our Procare app keeps you connected with your toddler's activities, meals, learning experiences, and provides a platform for real-time messaging with staff.


Dedicated and Loving Staff

Our teachers possess unique skills in managing emotional expressions while attending to each child's physical and emotional needs. They create a nurturing environment that balances individual exploration with group activities, fostering a positive learning experience.

Trust in Our Care

Feel confident entrusting your toddler to our care, knowing they are in a supportive environment dedicated to their holistic development and overall well-being.