Infant Care Program

High Standards of Care

At our center, we prioritize maintaining exceptional standards in providing daily physical care for each child. We understand the importance of adhering to your child's unique schedule to ensure a seamless transition from home to our center.

Early Development and Growth

By the age of 5, a child's personality and character traits character traits are well formed. We believe in the critical role of early interaction in fostering positive growth and development, setting the stage for a happy and well-adjusted adulthood.


Developmental Assessments

We employ developmental assessments to tailor experiences that support your baby's growth milestones and lay the foundation for future skill development.

Our Approach to Care

Our primary focus is on delivering top-tier physical care, including feeding, diaper changes, nurturing physical contact, and immersive language modeling. Creating a safe and loving environment is key to fostering learning, trust, and holistic development.

Key Skill Areas - Nurturing Growth

Cognitive Skills

Encouraging actions like waving bye-bye, responding to games like peek-a-boo, and exploring toys for auditory stimulation.

Language Development

Stimulating language acquisition through sound localization, cooing, babbling, and basic sign language.

Fine Motor Skills

Supporting grasping, toy manipulation, and pointing to objects to enhance hand-eye coordination.

Gross Motor Skills

Facilitating milestones such as lifting the head, rolling over, and crawling to strengthen large muscle groups.


Encouraging social interactions, recognizing familiar faces, and fostering self-awareness through activities like mirror play.

Self-Care Skills

Promoting independence in eating, holding objects, and exploring objects safely.

Communication and Engagement

We believe in transparent communication and provide daily updates on your baby's activities, including meals, naps, diaper changes, and sharing photos or videos through the Procare app. Our staff is accessible for messages and updates throughout the day.


Dedicated and Loving Staff

Our team is carefully selected for their ability to deliver exceptional care and interactive learning experiences daily. With compassionate hearts and a commitment to Christian values, we ensure your baby receives nurturing care in a safe environment.

Trust in Our Care

Feel confident leaving your precious one in our care while you focus on work, knowing they are in capable hands dedicated to their well-being and development.