Preschool Classrooms

Evolving Learning Environment

As children progress, our preschool classrooms adapt to their changing needs in both learning activities and physical care. While maintaining the Discovery Area concept, we adjust furniture sizes and types to suit their developmental stages, ensuring a conducive environment for exploration and growth.

Spacious & Engaging

Our spacious classrooms allow children to freely engage in various learning areas throughout the day, fostering independence and creativity.


Developmental Assessment & Skill Building

Our dedicated staff documents daily observations in the Procare app to assess and track each child's skills and progress. Using our knowledge of child development, we design activities that challenge and promote skill acquisition in a playful and enjoyable manner, making every day memorable.

Key Skill Areas — Academic & Social Growth

Cognitive Skills

Identifying colors, shapes, describing images, and recognizing similarities and differences.

Language Development

Using correct word endings, forming sentences with multiple words, and learning letters and numbers.

Fine Motor Skills

Stringing beads, drawing lines, manipulating abacus beads, and other dexterity-building activities.

Gross Motor Skills

Throwing, hopping, balancing, and engaging in physical activities that enhance coordination and strength.


Engaging in cooperative play, following rules, and developing table manners during meals and art activities.

Self-Care Skills

Cleaning up, washing hands, organizing toys, expressing feelings, accepting guidance, and building self-confidence.

Communication & Parent Involvement

Parents receive daily updates on their child's activities, meals, and learning experiences through the Procare app. The app also facilitates real-time messaging with staff, ensuring continuous involvement and peace of mind.


Self-Awareness and Social Understanding

Through activities and interactions, children learn about their bodies, emotions, and similarities/differences with peers, fostering self-awareness and empathy.

Every Day is Special

We are committed to creating meaningful and enjoyable experiences for every child, fostering a love for learning and a positive sense of self.