Private Kindergarten at The Academy at Craig Ranch

Why Choose Us

Experienced & Dedicated Teacher

Ms. Bria, our beloved Kindergarten Teacher, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our program. With a Bachelor's degree in Christian Education and a strong background in Ministry Leadership, she fosters a nurturing and educational environment for your child's growth.


Health & Safety

We prioritize the well-being and security of our students, implementing rigorous health and safety protocols in our facility.

Flexible Tuition Options

Choose between school day or extended day tuition options, catering to your family's schedule and needs.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our Executive Director has meticulously researched and aligned our curriculum with the latest Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), preparing children for a seamless transition to 1st grade. Our faith-based curriculum instills character values, morals, and self-confidence essential for lifelong learning.

Low Student-to-
Teacher Ratio

Our commitment to individualized attention ensures that each child receives personalized support and guidance, enhancing their learning experience.

Family-Centric Environment: Your Home Away from Home

At The Academy at Craig Ranch, we offer more than just education—we invite you to join our close-knit community where every individual, whether student or parent, is cherished as a valued member of our family. We prioritize building strong relationships with every student and family, fostering a supportive and welcoming atmosphere that feels like home. Experience the warmth and care of our environment, where learning is not just about academics but also about nurturing values and fostering personal growth in every child.

Limited Enrollment

Secure your child's spot in our Private Kindergarten program, as we have limited spots available to maintain our commitment to quality education and personalized attention.